June 5th: SSCoFi Launch

SSCoFi Launches!                                        June 5th


You are invited to attend a soft launch of this new enterprise.

We hope you will join us.

Thursday June 5th, 6:30 PM
The Hub, Seattle

If you have already been invited to this event, please RSVP to the Evite.

If you would like an invitation, please email [email protected]

Since August 2013, a core group of people have been meeting monthly to develop a new social enterprise to address the overwhelming amounts of student debt burdening our recent graduates. Our enterprise will harness community capital to refinance high-interest student loans at more reasonable rates, lessening the unjust financial burden on socially-minded recent graduates, while returning dividends to members and creating a community of support.

We have named ourselves Salish Sea Cooperative Finance.




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